Tips Quick Practical Cooking For Those Who Are Busy


Quick Practical Cooking

For me who has a super  busy, time feels so important. As much as possible, I will strive to maximize my time, to divide my time between work and family. Well, on that basis, I racked my brain. How do I get in the middle of my busy life, I can still cook for the family in a short time, but still delicious and nutritious. For those of you who also have super solid activities, you can try practicing quick and practical cooking tips below.

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1. Plan a daily cooking menu
When it found the right menu, it turns out the material is not in the refrigerator. While I do not have enough time to shop to market. Well, I get around this by creating a list of menus that I will cook every day. That way, I will not be confused and can maximize the time. The food will not be lacking, because I have prepared it from long ago.

2. Prepare a basic flavoring supply

Always provide basic red spices, yellow base spice, and basic white spices in your kitchen. You can adjust the amount of spice base with the type of cuisine that most often you make. Suppose you often cook chicken rica-rica or balado, you can menyetok red base spice with a number of more than other basic spices. Check out the basic spice types here.

3. Wash and cut vegetables before they are put into the refrigerator

For the sake of shortening the cooking time, I usually immediately wash vegetables that I have and put it into the refrigerator after dry.

4. Cook in small portions

Most people cook in large portions so that food can be stored and reheated. It really does not matter if you have plenty of free time to cook.

5. Find a simple and fast recipe

If you do not have time to prepare the tips above, you can still cook kok. You can choose practical menus that are easy and quick to mature such as various stir-fry like white mustard stir-fry, cooking shrimp oyster sauce, various fried foods such as krispi mushroom, tofu curry, and various simple dishes such as soup and lodeh eggplant.

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Author: Angie dreaht