Porridge Candil Porridge Recipes


Porridge Candil Porridge Recipes

Porridge Candil Porridge Recipes
Porridge Candil Porridge Recipes
  • 100 gr rice flour
    50 cc water suji leaf or green dye sufficiently
    750 cc coconut milk, salt to taste
    2 pieces of pandan leaves

Candil Materials

  • 200 gr glutinous flour, 300 cc thick coconut milk
    300 gr peanut, roasted
    250 gr brown sugar, coarse slice
    400 cc water, 50 gr jackfruit, roughly chopped
    2 pieces of pandan leaves, salt to taste

Porridge pulp.
Dissolve the rice flour with coconut milk. Add suji leaves, salt and mix well. Cook a solution of rice flour and pandan leaves with low heat while stirring constantly until thick. Lift and set aside.
Candil. Mix the sticky rice flour with. Pour the coconut milk slightly while stirring until the dough is smooth. Shape as big as marbles, fill with roasted beans and round again. Boil water sufficiently. Put the dough that has been formed into boiling water.
Cook until floating. Raise and soak the boiled water. Cook 400 cc of water together with brown sugar and pandan leaves until the sugar dissolves. Lift and strain. Boil back, add the jackfruit, insert candil and cook for a while. Lift. Serve porridge with candil.

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Author: Angie dreaht