Recipe Sauerbraten Delicious ( German Food )

Sauerbraten ( German food )

Ingredients 2 cloves
• 2 bay leaves dry
• 200 ml of red wine or sekt (German wine)
• 1 onion chopped Bombay
• 1 apple acid, cut into pieces
• 5 chopped putt onions
• 50 ml of lemon juice
• 1 kg of whole beef (do not cut it into pieces)
• 100 gr of printen (Aachen's traditional biscuit, Germany)
• 50 grams of sugar
• 20 gr raisins
• 1 tablespoon strawberry jam
• 1 tablespoon apple jam
• Salt, black pepper and a little sweet soy sauce
• 50 gr of cornstarch to thicken
• 1 carrot bear, cut into pieces
• 1 tablespoon ground cayenne powder
• 100 ml of oil for frying
• 500 ml of hot water

How to make 

  • Season the meat with salt and black pepper.
  • Heat the oil in the frying pan and fry the meat already with wine or sekt during frying to mature evenly. 
  • Add the garlic and garlic onions. Saute the meat together until fragrant. Add carrots, sugar, salt, black pepper. Strawberry jam and apple jam.
  • Immediately add hot water and mix well.
  • Add other ingredients and cook until the meat is cooked.
  • After the meat is cooked, let the beef a few hours until the meat is cooked.
  • After the meat is cooked, leave the meat for a few hours until the meat is cold.
  • Lift the meat from the mixture of cold sauce and cut the meat thin with a thickness of approximately.
  • Attack the meat sauce and puree the rough meat sauce.
  • Enjoy sauerbraten with boiled potatoes or can also with rice according to your taste
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Author: Angie dreaht