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Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake


Wheat flour (120 gr)
Sugar (174 gr)
Egg yolks (16 eggs)
Egg white (4 eggs)
Emulsifier (1 tbsp)
Melt Blueband (175 gr)
Chocolate powder (30 gr)
Chocolate paste (1 tsp)
Water (1 tbsp)

Toping Materials

Buttercream (750 gr)
Dye cake according to taste

Decorative Materials

Colorful candy
Children toys


Beat eggs, emulsifiers, and sugar until fluffy
Add baking powder, cocoa powder, and wheat flour gradually while stirring
After all the ingredients are well blended then put the chocolate paste and melt the Blueband into it and stir until evenly distributed
Grease the pan with Blueband evenly and then match with special paper to bake the cake
Pour the dough into a pan and then spread evenly
Cake oven with temperature 180 degree celcius for 25 minutes
Lift the ripe pie and let it cool
Spread the entire surface of the cake with butter cream then decorate the cake according to the desired theme


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Author: Angie dreaht