Salad Mash Puree

Salad Mash Puree

Salad Mash Puree Recipe

This Salad Mash Puree is easy to serve, my baby darling love it! So do I !

The ingredients (for about 500-600g) :

  • 1 salad
  • 1 beautiful potato
  • 3 medium carrots
  • Salt and pepper
  • Butter

The preparation :

  1. Remove the first leaves from the salad, remove the leaves and wash them well.
  2. Cut the potato and carrots into pieces, wash them too.
  3. Put everything in the oven, cover with water and cook for 35 ‘, cold start.
  4. Drain, put a little salt, pepper and mix well.
  5. Add a knob of butter.

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Author: Angie dreaht