Dabu-dabu Sauce (Easy to make = Gampang)


Dabu-dabu Sauce (Easy to make = Gampang)




Traditional sauce you can make at home. Just a few minutes your dabu-dabu sauce ready to serve. Easy to make no need much time to serve. Just peel and chop the ingredients. It so fresh and good appetite. You can eat with hot rice, fried fish, grill meat or fish, even you can eat with your favorite soup or instant noodle. You’ll love this sauce and make it again.


8 pieces Cayenne pepper or red chilli as you have (You can add some more if you like spicy or reduce if you don’t like spicy)

2 pieces Tomato

5 pieces Shallot (If you like add some slices fresh garlic)

2 pieces Lime

Some salt and sugar (If you like some basil can be added for more fragrant and fresh)


How to make dabu-dabu sauce :

So easy to make just peel the skin of Shallot, and then chop all the ingredients add some salt and sugar then sprinkle the lime juice. Your dabu-dabu sauce ready to serve. For the best serving, you can put your dabu-dabu sauce in the refrigerator about 3 to 5 minutes before serving. Enjoy.


Super easy to make, Good trying…

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Author: Angie dreaht