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Mulberry Jam

Mulbery Jam new


200gr Mulberry (Fresh or frozen)

100 gr Sugar

1 Tablespoon lemon juice (optional)



If you use fresh mulberry don’t forget to remove the stalk.

Make sure your mulberry already clean and drain.

Boil your bottle before use for long-lasting storage of jam.

Prepare a boiling spoon to remove the jam into bottle


How to make:

You can blend your mulberry for a smooth jam.

You can also make whole mulberry

Cook mulberry with sugar until boiling over medium heat

Turn off the heat and add the lemon juice, mixed it well.

If your mulberry fruit is sour or not fully ripe, you can add more sugar, or you can skip for the use of lemon juice.

You can store your jam immediately into clean bottles while it’s hot and close tightly.

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Author: Angie dreaht